Vila Luz has a bar that serves a menu of snacks and drinks from 10am to 10pm, from which we highlight our cocktails, milkshakes, smoothies and a range of pizzas.


If you wish to explore the region's gastronomic experience, here we are are sharing our recommendations in Praia da Luz and surroundings.

Praia da Luz

Traditional- Concha

Traditional- Onda Luz 

Traditional- Fábrica 

Steaks- Paulo

Steaks- Look

Brunch/Poke- Kinoah

Indian- Pashmina

Chinese- Royal Garden

Hamburger- Nahnahbah 



Grilled fish- Barrigada

Grilled fish- Chico Zé

Grilled fish- Camilo

Tapas - Tasca do Kiko

Chef- Avenida

Chef- Palmares

Bar /Tapas - Bonvivant

Sushi - Iwashi


Vila do Bispo

Traditional- Ribeira do Poço



Traditional- A Tasca

Traditional- Mar à vista

Traditional- Carlos



Traditional- Vila Lisa



Traditional- Luar da foia

Traditional- Charrete